The Jackson Reforms took effect one year ago today. While they have had a profound effect on the personal injury legal business, the past year has shown that solicitors can thrive in a post-Jackson market — by increasing efficiency without compromising service. 

Fill out the form on your right to download Speed and Service: Thriving in a Post-Jackson World to learn how your firm can use automation to gain an advantage through increased efficiency and accuracy. Using PICAS® Plus, our clients have seen five key benefits:
  1. Cut claim life cycles by an average of 40 days
  2. Halved Stage Two claim life cycles from 24 days to 12
  3. Led to immediate settlements in 22 per cent of claims passing through the system
  4. Resulted in settlements upon first counteroffer in 46 per cent of claims 
  5. Reduced time elapsing from settlement pack to response by 70 per cent on average
These benefits translate to lower costs per case and the ability to handle more clients with fewer resources — exactly the balance you need to start reclaiming the profits eroded by the reforms. Download the white paper to see how we can help.
Jackson Reforms: Happy Anniversary?