The Jackson Reforms have taken effect. Are you ready to handle increased settlement speed, lower fixed fees, and further pressure on your bottom line? Find out how you can protect your firm: fill out the form on your right now to download ‘Restore Your Profit per Case: Coping with the Jackson Reforms’.

This new white paper from ISO reviews: 
  • The market pressures that led to the Jackson Reforms – and attendant pressure on PI solicitor margins
  • How to restore profit per case through increases in operational efficiency through automation
  • How PICAS Plus and ISO Claims Outcome Advisor can help you cut costs per case, improve service, and grow in a post-Jackson world
Solicitors using PICAS Plus have seen:
  • Claims life cycles reduced by 40 days
  • Stage 2 claim life cycles reduced by 50 percent 
  • Automatic settlement (immediately or upon counteroffer) in 68 percent of the cases passing through the system
Download ‘Restore Your Profit per Case: Coping with the Jackson Reforms’ now to see how you can regain profit per case.

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Restore Your Profit per Case: 
Coping with the Jackson Reforms